Educators Turned Entrepreneurs: Real-life Stories

Teaching isn’t merely a profession but a vocation, a journey of nurturing minds and fostering growth. However, what unfolds when educators embark on a new venture, stepping into the realm of entrepreneurship? In this post, let’s explore the inspiring stories of real-life teachers who have transitioned into successful entrepreneurs, showcasing how their teaching backgrounds paved the way for entrepreneurial success.

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From Grit to Greatness: Celebrating Women in Tech this International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of women who have made significant contributions to the tech industry, particularly in the field of education technology (edtech). This year, we shine a spotlight on five inspiring women whose dedication, innovation, and leadership have paved the way for others in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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Students on a school trip through a park with a raised area with seating. Teachers accompany them, guiding the way.

Unlocking Learning Adventures: Tackling School Trip Challenges

In the ever-evolving world of education, venturing beyond the classroom is key to enriching students’ learning journeys. However, organising school trips has become quite the obstacle course lately, presenting challenges for teachers, parents, and students alike. Today, let’s dive into the complexities of trip planning and explore ways to overcome the hurdles that stand in the way of these invaluable learning experiences.

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TripPA's user friendly interface on three devices.

Streamlining School Trip Planning with TripPA: Enhancing Efficiency, Communication, and Safety

Discover TripPA, the innovative app revolutionising school trip planning. How does TripPA simplify organisation and communication, saving teachers time? Explore its user-friendly interface, real-time communication features, and robust data security measures. Interested in investing in education technology? Learn how TripPA is poised to make a significant impact. Join us as we unveil TripPA and embark on a journey towards seamless trip planning!

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A teacher and two students in a library using a laptop and sharing ideas

Navigating the EdTech Wave: A Teacher’s Perspective on Streamlining the Learning Experience

Imagine stepping into your classroom, confident that technology is a reliable ally, not a source of stress. Picture seamlessly integrating user-friendly educational technology into your daily routine, turning headaches into helping hands. Envision a future where edtech enhances your teaching, creating an engaging and efficient learning environment. Join our exploration, guided by a fellow teacher who understands the challenges and joys of incorporating tech into the classroom

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